Welcome To Eco Mannequin:

Eco Mannequin is an alternative to normal mannequins. Most mannequins are made from fiberglass and other harmful products that end up in landfills taking thousands of years to breakdown. They usually have a short lifespan and not environmentally friendly at all. Eco Mannequin on the other hand is completely different, being made form Earth friendly natural materials or recycled waste products. These environmentally friendly mannequins are designed to be very affordable and help save the Earth at the same time. Let your next mannequin be an Eco Mannequin!

Foamannequins are state of the art contemporary mannequins that have been produced from recycled EVA foam and aluminum. They come in many different colors and styles.

Abaca Mannequins:
Abaca Mannequins are more like traditional mannequins being made from natural resources like the Abaca Plant. These mannequins breakdown like a plant would and can be recycled into the earth with ease.

There are many different types of Eco Mannequin that we make and we are always working towards a new designs and styles. Check back often for the latest created items.