Some people would love to become more earth friendly but don’t know how. They get the wrong impression of going “Green” and some think you have to be a tree-hugger or change your entire lifestyle to become eco-friendly. The truth is there are many everyday habits that are easy to change that can make a world of difference to the environment.

1. Turning electrical supplies such as radios, and lights off when not in use. You wouldn't believe the amount of electricity wasted yearly and the amount of money you can save when unplugging and turning off unused electrical items.

2. Walking. Just walk everywhere your physical abilities allow you to. You will become healthier and also be eco-friendly but not having your car burn as much fuel. Do don’t have to always walk just walk to do simple tasks will make a difference. Can’t go wrong making a healthier environment and yourself.

3. Buy low-consumption light bulbs. You can use 2 to 3 times less energy. This will help your bank account on electrical bills as well.

4. Take the train instead of flying. Airplanes are a huge pollution cause and if a distance can be taken with a train, why not. Most are more comfortable then planes and also more relaxing.

5. Stop using disposable goods.
Use ceramic coffee cup at work, bring silverware from home to eat lunch with, use a normal plate over paper or plastic, or buy reusable shopping bags to shop with. Every reused item is also save you money not having to constantly buying new.

6. Conserve water. Take shorter showers, shut off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth. This is especially important in dry climate states like Nevada where there is already a shortage of water.

7. Drive slower.
Acceleration uses a large portion of your gasoline and also puts wear and tear on your car.

8. Recycle. Before you throw something out, see if it's recyclable. is a good resource to find out what is recyclable where in your area.

9. Purchased recycled items such as mannequins. By buying recycled items your contributing to have more companies recycle. In the long run it will benefit everyone.